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Stephanie Newell (College or university out-of Sussex) for her career street in the area of postcolonial degree

Technologies and you may neo-imperialism: social imperialism and homogenization, digital media and you may hegemony, technological warfare and its digital representations (on-line games); Technology and capitalism: commodification of information, online advertising and ads, rough the means to access tech, uneven development of technologies (industrial and you may farming); Tech and you will resistance: option virtual teams, ‘indigenous' mass media and you can mind-commitment, renewable innovation, open-supply smooth ware teams, hackers and you can cybercrime; Tech and you will telecommunications: the brand new kinds of vocabulary, literacy, transnational social media sites, censorship and its own circumvention, ‘freedom out-of speech', news just like the personal and you may political opinions; Technologies and place: spatial dislocation, brand new erosion from federal limitations, cosmopolitanisms (tele-technologies for example devices, email, internet telephony, webcams); Innovation and youthfulness identities: songs since sandwich-social phrase (packages and Mp3 professionals), virtual subjectivities and you will transnational communities (on-line games, YouTube, forums); Technology and text message: the newest filmic and you can literary genres, producing solution modernities, textual representations away from tech; Innovation and training: degree and age-understanding, investigation and you can security, globalisation and also the thought of ‘democratised' otherwise ‘universal' knowledge (web-depending online search engine); Development and also the ‘new': the spends away from old development, modernity and you can cultural invention.

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