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It actually was in one thousand, on next out-of Summer, one Iceland quit Paganism, and you will accepted Christianity

In 1845 the brand new p

This great change was principally brought about from the instrumentality away from an effective Pagan priest named Snorri, just who, when you're travel during the Religious places, was actually translated, and on their go back got forced their the fresh convictions with the folks of Iceland. Each one of these accepting his principles triggered somewhat a division in the fresh Island, and the Althing is summoned to consider the brand new opinions which was delivered.

Snorri try invited to deal with this new set up, and you can explain the values off their the brand new-discover believe. The members of the fresh Althing listened with higher attract, plainly much happy with what they heard, to possess Snorri talked to your eager love away from a convert.

There were not wanting, although not, those among the many agencies exactly who resented this new addition on Island of the fresh religion, which the latest discussion, thus ideas the fresh 'Njol-Saga,' waxed warm, whenever a live messenger rushed from inside the and you may disturbed new council from the shocking reports you to definitely a blast of lava got burst away within Olfas, hence new priest's house perform in the future become overloaded.

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